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The Fastest Disk Space Analyzer for Windows

What is WizTree?

It sounds like WizTree is a fantastic tool for managing disk space efficiently on Windows systems! Its high-speed scanning capability and visual representation of disk usage make it a valuable asset for users looking to identify and remove large files and folders that are consuming excessive space on their hard drives. With WizTree’s help, users can streamline their storage usage and optimize the performance of their systems.

What makes WizTree so fast?

WizTree’s remarkable speed can be attributed to its unique scanning methodology. Instead of traditional file-by-file scanning, WizTree directly accesses the Master File Table (MFT) of the NTFS file system. By leveraging this approach, WizTree bypasses the need to scan individual files and folders, allowing it to analyze disk space usage rapidly. Additionally, WizTree is optimized for performance, utilizing efficient algorithms and minimizing resource consumption to ensure swift operation even on large hard drives. This combination of innovative scanning techniques and optimization makes WizTree one of the fastest disk space analyzer utilities available for Windows.



Disk Space Analysis

Swiftly pinpoint space-consuming files and folders on your hard drive, and optionally remove them to reclaim storage space.

Extremely Fast!

WizTree directly accesses the Master File Table (MFT) from NTFS-formatted drives, akin to the functionality of the Everything Search Engine.

Multiple File Systems

WizTree seamlessly scans all hard drive types supported by Windows, including NTFS, FAT, FAT32, and network drives. Moreover, it extends its functionality to MTP/PTP devices such as smartphones and cameras, enabling scanning when connected via USB.

Visual Treemap

The visual treemap showcases files and folders based on their size, offering a quick overview of large files and clusters of smaller ones at a glance.

Find Largest & Duplicate Files

In the “File View,” every file and folder on your hard drive is listed according to size. WizTree effortlessly identifies duplicate files by name, size, and optionally date. To view duplicates of a file, simply click on the “+” next to its name.

File Name Search

Efficiently find files by name or type using the file view search filter in WizTree. Additionally, wildcard searches such as *.mp3 are supported, further enhancing search capabilities.

Export File and MFT Data

You can export all or selected file information to a CSV (comma-separated values) file or copy it to the clipboard with ease. Additionally, WizTree allows extraction and dumping of MFT files to a separate file for further analysis if needed.

Import File and MFT Data

The exported CSV files and dumped MFT files are seamlessly importable back into WizTree, facilitating easy viewing. This feature proves invaluable for tracking file system changes over time, enhancing users’ ability to monitor and manage their data effectively.

Command Line Support

Exporting CSV and MFT files via command line parameters enables automated auditing of hard drives, making it a powerful tool for streamlining and enhancing data management processes. This feature empowers users to perform comprehensive audits effortlessly, ensuring optimal disk space utilization and system efficiency.


WizTree receives thousands of daily downloads from users globally.

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