About WizTree

Discover the Fastest Disk Space Analyzer for Windows

What is WizTree

WizTree, a rapid disk space analyzer for Windows, swiftly scans your hard drive, revealing the files and folders consuming the most disk space. Its visual display of your entire file system simplifies the identification of large items. Utilize WizTree’s insights to promptly identify and eliminate “space hogs” from your hard drive.

WARNING: Take care not to remove any files that are required for the correct operation of your PC!

What makes WizTree so fast?

WizTree achieves high performance when scanning NTFS-formatted hard drives, which are common in modern systems. It directly accesses the hard drive’s Master File Table (MFT), a hidden file crucial for NTFS file management. This method bypasses the operating system (Windows), resulting in a significant performance enhancement. Additionally, WizTree extends its scanning capabilities to include non-NTFS hard drives, network drives, USB drives, and specific directories.


Why use WizTree?

Maximize available disk space

WizTree simplifies the process of identifying and deleting “Space hogs” on your hard drive. Its visual tree map visually represents file sizes, facilitating swift identification of large files and folders.

Optimize your time

Save time by avoiding lengthy waits for disk scan results. Unlike other applications that take minutes, WizTree completes the task in seconds.

Frequent updates

WizTree undergoes continuous development, with regular additions of new features. If you have any suggestions for enhancements, please reach out to us.

It’s lightning-FAST.

When scanning NTFS formatted drives, WizTree directly reads the hard drive’s Master File Table (MFT) from the disk, similar to Everything Search. Additionally, it efficiently scans non-NTFS and network drives.

It’s highly ACCURATE.

In contrast to other applications, WizTree accurately manages hard linked files, ensuring they are not counted multiple times. Consequently, the total allocated space reported by WizTree aligns with Windows’ reports.


WizTree offers free usage for personal purposes. For commercial and further support, consider purchasing a “Supporter Code” to aid in its development. Large organizations can opt for an Enterprise license, granting unlimited usage rights.


WizTree receives thousands of daily downloads from users globally.

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